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Transportation and Preservation of Copper-clad Aluminum Wire

Speaking of copper clad aluminium wire, I believe everyone should know. Today, we introduce a kind of wire, copper clad aluminium wire. Let's take a brief look at the transportation and preservation of copper-clad aluminium wires, because if many wires are transported incorrectly, they will probably not be used, so let's simply understand the transportation and preservation of copper-clad aluminium wires, so you can have a better understanding of this aspect.

1. Copper-clad aluminium wires and wire discs should not be harmed during transportation and handling. It is strictly forbidden to push copper clad aluminium wire tray directly from the car. Wire discs should not be transported and stored flat.

2. Before transporting or rolling coils, it is necessary to ensure that copper-clad aluminium coils are stable and tightly wound. When rolling, it is necessary to follow the arrow direction on the reel or the winding direction of the line.

3. Copper-clad aluminium wires and their accessories should be inspected in time according to the following requirements: (1) The product technical documents are complete. (2) The model, specification and length of the production line shall meet the requirements of the order, and the accessories shall be complete; the appearance of the line shall not be damaged. (3) Pipeline sealing end should be careful. When there is any doubt about the appearance inspection, water should be judged or tested.

4. If copper-clad aluminium wires and related materials are not installed immediately, they should be stored in a centralized and classified manner, and the type, voltage, specifications and length should be indicated.

Generally speaking, when transporting copper clad aluminium wire, we need to prohibit rolling copper clad aluminium wire disc. Is there anyone else who wants to know more about it? You can contact the customer service staff of Shenzhou Bimetal Cable. I believe we will bring you more wonderful information. Our company also has many products you can understand, our copper clad aluminium price is low, quality is good.

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