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Application fields of various insulated enameled wires

Enameled Wire 1. Polyurethane (QA/UEW): Mainly used in some high-frequency transformers or electronic transformers with not too much power and not too strong heating, as well as various small motors, such as all kinds of household kitchen motors, fan motors, etc., the greatest feature is that they have direct solderability and high-frequency resistance; 2. 180 polyesterimide. (QZY/EIW); Used in some common small and medium power transformers, such as power transformers on some household appliances, mobile phone chargers, etc. Enameled wire has good comprehensive performance, 3.200/220 polyesterimide composite polyamide imide enameled wire (QZY/XY EI/AIW): Most transformers, high-speed motors can be used, high resistance. High temperature capability, excellent comprehensive performance of enameled wire;

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